In October 2010 on October 6, 2010 at 1:25 am

painting by Shakuntala Rajagopal

Melancholy of Fall

Shakuntala Rajagopal

Melancholy of fall weighs heavily in my heart

the beauty of auburn Maple, yellow golden Ash leaves

and rose hips turning red and brown

signal goodbye to blue herons, robins and the geese


falling leaves wave farewell to summer

and force me to remember of times I had to

bid somber farewell to loved ones in far away places

and those long gone with the setting suns


sunbeams push weakly through fog hovering over still waters

even fat frogs croak sleepy and slow

lazy golden sunsets change to orange autumn specters

and a pallor fills my eyes with sadness unexplained


when winter winds bring chilly nights

frigid and still though they may seem, they seethe

with the energy of sleeping dreams readying

to unfold the hopes of Spring not far behind


but, it is the slow of fall I really dread

as I face long swarthy, submissive evenings

and the restrained sorrow that fills my heart

owing to nagging pains of remembered goodbyes


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